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13 Fishing Concept KP 7.3:1 Casting Reel



13 Fishing Concept KP 7.3:1 Casting Reel

SPECIFICATIONS: Retrieve: Right | Gear Ratio: 7.3:1 | Weight: 5.14oz. | Bearings: 4SS, 3AB, 3 HCB | Capacity: 12 lb/80 yd | MPN: KP7.3

The Concept performance series reels combine the best industry leading materials and angler requested features. This series was developed to deliver optimal performance both in competition, and recreational fishing. Our Special Edition KP model is the freshwater reel every fisherman dreams about, it delivers everything a serious tournament angler would ever need in a super sexy incredibly lightweight reel. This is the reel you buy when you win your next tournament, its the reel you don't let your buddy use, its the best of the best. Its astoundingly light due to its featherlight Magnesium, and Airfoil Carbon construction, it casts like a rocket with its Arrowhead line guide system, and it spins like a top with its Hybrid Ceramic spool bearings. Grab hold of the Carbon Handle and get in on the action!!!

The KP sports one of the lightest and strongest designs ever to hit the market. Made with our proprietary FeatherWeight Magnesium and Airfoil Carbon construction, the KP weighs in at an incredible 5.14oz. Casting distance will not be a problem, with top of the line Ceramic Hybrid Spool bearings…this reel flat out performs! Test out the incredibly smooth Bulldog Carbon Drag, or stop a monster with the upgraded Japanese Dead Stop anti-reverse. More unique features include the Hex13 spool, Hex13 drag star, and Arrowhead line guide that reduces line drag for maximum casting. The reel has a carbon handle with EVA Tech knobs that weigh an astounding 18 grams! This reel not only stands out from the rest with its vibrant red color, but it is also TrickShop compatible.


  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Max Drag: 13 lb Bulldog Drag
  • Handle Knobs: Concept Cork
  • Handle Shaft: Carbon
  • Stainless Bearings: 4
  • Anti-Corrsion Bearings: 3
  • Hybrid Ceramic Bearings: 3
  • Anti-Reverse Bearing: Japanese NTN Deadstop
  • Frame Material: Featherweight Magnesium
  • Side Plate Material: Airfoil Carbon
  • Spool: Special KP Alumite
  • Gear Shaft: Special KP Lightweight
  • Braking System: 6-Way Centrifugal
  • Line Guide: Arrowhead System
  • Water Conditions: Freshwater
Product Specs

Additional Information

Homepage Headline Retrieve: Right | Gear Ratio: 7.3:1 | Weight: 5.14oz. | Bearings: 4SS, 3AB, 3 HCB | Capacity: 12 lb/80 yd | MPN: KP7.3
Manufacturer 13 Fishing
Price $479.99
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Reel Type Casting
Series Concept KP
Gear Ratio 7.3:1
Ball Bearings 4SS, 3AB, 3 HCB
Capacity 12lb / 80yd.
Retrieve Right Hand
Dexterity Right
Reel Weight 5.14 oz

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