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15% Rebate on Garmin

How it Works 

1.) Buy a Garmin Product  -or- Buy multiple Garmin Products. There is no minimum or maximum amount for this promotion!


2.) You will be emailed a gift card valued at 15% of your total Garmin purchase.

  • Example:  You buy a Garmin graph worth $1000. Within 2 business days, you will receive a gift card worth $150 that can be used on any future purchase.
    • Your gift card value will be based on the cash amount you spend on your product(s), so we will not be accounting for any part of the purchase that is made with other gift cards and/or reward points. 
      • Example:  You buy a Garmin graph worth $1000, but use $500 in discounts, gift cards, and/or reward points. You would only receive $75 on your gift card (15% of the $500 spent).


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