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AIRFLO Custom Cut Tip 10' T7



Custom Cut Tips (CCT) T Series sinking tips to match any need. Available in 10' or 18' lengths, with color coded loops on one end for ease of use and sink rate recognition Densities are T-7 (white, 7ips), T-10 (orange, 8ips), T-14 (brown, 9ips), T-18 (black, 10ips).

20' Custom Cut Tips - Original design of 20' length with a loop at both ends, cut to desired lengths (10'/10',12'/8',etc...), that way you get two pre-looped tips economically. Available in 2 densities: CCT200 (T-10), CCT330 (T-17).

Additional Information

Product Use: Specialist Sinking Tip for Steelhead
Line Size: T7, T10, T14 & T18
Colour: Black
Density: Ultra Fast Sink
Core Material: Power Core
Coating: Hi Density Polyurethane
Loop Type: Micro Loop Both Ends with Color Marker At Butt
Optimum Temperature Range: -5c to 26c

Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Airflo
Price $16.99
Length 10"

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