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Airflo Delta Spey Multi Tip WF7/8 Mint Green

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Airflo Delta Spey Multi Tip WF7/8 Mint Green

Six hours drive to your favourite Steelhead river, don't know what the weather gods will throw your way - advice will say take a Multi tip - however, make sure you take one that will cast like a dream and has a 'bullet proof' looping system that won’t let you down.

Our unique flexible Power Loop combines the internal core with our proprietary polyurethane coating to create the strongest, most supple loops on the market. Each Spey Multi-Tip comes with four 15' tip sections - floating to sink rates up to 8' per second - for complete versatility every tip section has smooth welded tip loops that easily connect PolyLeaders for improved turnover and even greater depth control.

Taper: Variable head length (tips 13' - 15') Powerful Delta Spey taper
Core: Power core
Coating: New Ultra Supple Polyfuse XT cold weather coating
Recommended Polyleader: Salmon, Sea Trout / Steelhead series

Additional Information
Product Use: Modern Spey Line with Four 12' Tip Sections and a Wallet. Perfect if you can carry just one line
Line Size: WF6/7 -10/11
Color: Two Tone Mint Green
Density: Floating - Tips Floating, Intermediate (1.5IPS), DI3 (3IPS) & DI8 (8IPS)
Core Material: Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core ­ 50lb Test
Optimum Temperature Range: -5c to 26c

Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Airflo
Color Mint Green
Price $149.99
Color Mint Green
Length 120ft

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