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Airflo Forty Plus WF7 Fast Intermediate Trans. Green / Sunrise

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Airflo Forty Plus WF7 Fast Intermediate Trans. Green / Sunrise

Ask any fly fisher what element of their fishing they'd most like to improve and most would say they'd like to cast further - Enter the Forty Plus.

With its easy loading 35' head and low diameter running line, you'll soon be reaching for the horizon.

Enhanced with Ridged running line, an addition that makes the line cast even further than you ever imagined possible. Power Core as standard, and you'll need it to help set hooks at the increased distance you'll be fishing.

Doubles as an excellent Switch casting line in confined spaces.

Taper: Radical Forty Plus Short head, long front taper design
Core: Power core
Coating: Polyfuse XT Dual layer system, Ridged on running line
Recommended Polyleader: Trout, Sea Trout / Saltwater series

Additional Information
Product Use: Short Belly Quick Load Distance Casts
Line Size: Float & Intermediate WF5-9, Sinking WF6-9
Color: Float Ivory, Slow Int. Trans Olive, Fast Int. Trans Green, DI3 Dark Green, DI5 Dark Blue, DI7 Black - Sunrise Running Line on all models
Density: Float, Slow Int (0.5IPS), Fast Int(1.5IPS), DI3 (3IPS), DI5 (5IPS), DI7 (7IPS)
Core Material: Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core ­ 50lb Test
Optimum Temperature Range: 5c to 30c

Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Airflo
Color Trans. Green / Sunrise
Price $79.99
Color Trans. Green / Sunrise
Length 123ft

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