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Airflo Ridge Clear Tip Tropical WF9 Yellow w/Clear Tip

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Airflo Ridge Clear Tip Tropical WF9 Yellow w/Clear Tip

A clear tip fly line with one major difference, the tip FLOATS.

This may sound minor to the uninitiated, but having a Clear Tip fly line you can lay out in ambush without having your tip sink is a godsend - especially when working to intercept "tricky" laid up fish.

The 12' Clear Tip blends seamlessly into a stealthy Mid Vis main belly and running line. This belly color allows you and your guide to track the swim of the fly without causing concern from our silver finned friends.

Ridged for incredible shootability, our Clear Tip Tropical line will become the go to Saltwater fly line for all stealthy flats fishing situations.

Taper: Agressive front taper
Core: Mono Core
Coating: Ridge Tropical PolyFuse XT dual layer system
Recommended Polyleader: Tarpon / Bonefish series

Additional Information
Product Use: Super stealthy presentation to spooky tropical fish, 12' clear floating tip
Line Size: WF6-12
Color:12' clear tip with pale yellow rear
Density: Floating
Core Material: Mono Core
Loop Style: Micro Loop Both Ends with Line Marker at Butt
Optimum Temperature Range: 20c to 38c

Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Airflo
Color Clear / Yellow
Price $79.99
Color Clear / Yellow
Length 100ft

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