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Airflo Tactical Steelhead #7 520 Grains



Take the tight loop and casting ease of a Scandi compact head and couple it to the versatility of a multi-tip line and you have the basis for the Tactical Steelhead shooting head. To help cut through the wind and to make casting modest sink tips and larger flies easier, the Tactical Steelhead, has a larger tip diameter than the Scandi Compact. With a smooth front taper and removable floating tip, this line will convert from a floating line to sink tip better than any existing fly line.

The mint green colored heads come in a #5 weighing 390 grains all the way to a #9 weighing 460. Unique to the Tactical head is the 8 foot removable ridged tip. The ridged tip helps anchor the cast. Iindestructible heavy duty loops connect the tip to the head and the head to the running line. All sizes are made on a low stretch 30lb core. Remove the floating tip and connect your favorite sink tip and get down.

Product Use: This Steelhead specific flyline has an interchangeable 8' Tip section
Line Size: 390, 460, 520, 590 & 660 Grains

Color: Green
Density: Floating
Core Material: Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core
Coating: Ultra Supple Polyurethane (PU)
Loop Type: Flexi Loops with Line Marker
Optimum Temperatre Range: -5 to 26c

Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Airflo
Color Mint Green
Price $74.99
Color Mint Green

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