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American Legacy Fishing Co. - World's Best Fillet Knife

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Razor sharp high-carbon steel and handmade leather sheath makes this the perfect fish fillet knife.

If G. Loomis Made a Fillet Knife This Would be It!

MADE in the USA!



8" Blade ~ 5" Handle ~ 13" Overall length

OK, we all fish and most of us will fillet some fish for supper now and again. I certainly will. Being what my kids say is "old school" I use a fillet knife, not some damn electric fish butchering tool that leaves more meat on than it fillets out! The key to expertly filleting fish is first and foremost an exceptionally sharp knife. Having done some guiding myself and filleted and cooked fish for more than my fair share of shore lunches I just became more and more frustrated that every filet knife sold today is 1) Cheap, 2) Stainless Steel, 3) Not made in the USA, and 4) Does Not Hold an Edge worth a hoot. We actually ordered in over 30 different fillet knives from as many manufacturers as we could find just to find one we could offer our customers. Unfortunately, I wouldn't put a single one in my tackle box!

So, we decided to have one made to our specifications. We opted to put our money into high quality functionality, not a bunch of bells and whistles that contribute to doing a better job of filleting fish. Here's what we came up with: An 8" blade, flexible high carbon razor steel, hot wax sealed hard rock maple wood handle, custom hand-made leather sheath, Made in the USA, a lifetime Warranty, and our href="">WWW.GLOOMIS.USlogo burned into the handle. No fancy bells and whistles, sure as heck no electricity, just a classic fillet knife that will hold an edge longer than any knife you have ever used. Period.

 How we did it: We located the oldest USA knife manufacturer who agreed to create this special knife. Dexter-Russell has been making knives continuously for almost 200 years. With some arm twisting and a substantial order they agreed to manufacturer our fillet knife to our specifications. High Carbon Razor Steel, not just carbon steel and certainly not stainless since stainless can NEVER be as hard as non-stainless due to the nickel (a very soft metal) in it. Hot wax sealed hard rock maple handle. Knife edge finished with a 400 grit wet polish and then hand stropped for the razor edge we insisted on. You have to be able to shave with this knife! Finally, we wanted to offer a lifetime Warranty against breakage or any handle issues.

 For our Custom Sheath we contacted leather craftsman extraordinaire Eric Whisnant in North Carolina and asked him to create a simple, durable, and functional premium leather sheath with a rear belt loop and a molded-in handle retention design. What we got was a handmade premium leather sheath that is as durable as our knife. Simple, functional, durable.

(Note: Want to keep carbon steel from rusting. Clean and wipe dry after use and then apply a thin coat of cooking oil and it will stay rust free for years)

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