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Biovex Deep Runner - 33 Shad



Biovex Deep Runner - 33 Shad

An ultimate deep water crankbait, the Deep Runner is ideal for running across rocks and other structure orientated cover. The large profile of the bait is
designed to omit a wide wobble but still get down quick, putting itself in the strike zone longer and enticing even the most wary bass. The lip of the bait not only cuts through the water but also is engineered to be virtually snag less around the nastiest rocks and other ledge style cover. When the bass are deep there’s not better bait on the market to bring them to the boat.

Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Biovex
Color Shad
Price $11.20
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Lure Type Crankbait - Deep Dive
Weight 3/4 oz.
Color Shad

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