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Bogagrip Model 260 0-60lb IGFA Scale

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Manufacturer of the ORIGINAL Fish Landing, Handling, and Weighing Tool MADE in the USA!

If you have ever tried a "Knock Off" of this great tool only then will you appreciate just how well made this is. 100% American Made in Eastaboga, Alabama USA.

As much as we wanted to limit our product lines, this just struck us as a great compliment to our G. Loomis rod line. The same attention to detail and craftsmanship, wonderful design, and world class reputation sort of made this a "slam-dunk" in our minds.

The BogaGrip handles fish by grabbing harmlessly the fish's lower jawbone and works on most species of fish. The BogaGrip features easy, one-hand operation and will accurately weigh fish with an IGFA scale. Totally saltwater resistant, it is ideal for wading and bank fisherman as much as those who fish from a boat.

NOTE:The BogaGrip is built to handle fish weighing double its scale capacity.

All the Details:

The BogaGrip is THE "catch and release" Tool for fishing, quickly landing, handling, and weighing fish simultaneously without injury to the fish. The BogaGrip makes it easy to inspect and take pictures of the fish. By NOT wiping off the protective slime nor puncturing the fish, it allows the fish to be quickly returned to the water. Fish handled and released using the BogaGrip are far more likely to survive.

The BogaGrip is great for handling fish in cold weather, hard-to-handle toothy or slimy fish, or fish likely to fin or cut a fisherman. It also keeps the fisherman's hand at a safer distance from hooks.

The BogaGrip is tube shaped, with one end the grip and scales. It has a trigger sleeve that VERY EASILY slides along the main tube, easily opening and closing and locking. The grip has a saltwater-proof non-slip grip.

The BogaqGrip has a built-in precision scale calibrated using certified weights to insure accuracy within one increment. You can send your BogaGrip to IGFA (954-927-2628 Dania Beach, Fl) where they can certify it for world-record catches.

The BogaGrip is made in the USA of USA-made materials. All metal parts of the BogaGrip are made of 300 series stainless steel, with the exception of the precision scale spring, which is 17-7 PH stainless steel. All plastic parts are made from acetal, which is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic that is used in unlubricated bearing applications. Acetal is tough and resilient and is very resistant to UV light. Constructing the BogaGrip of these materials makes it very strong and resistant to conditions encountered while fishing in fresh or saltwater.

In use, the fisherman will hold the grip sleeve, and using his index finger or thumb will pull back the trigger sleeve, which causes the jaws to open. The jaws then are placed around the tip of the lower jawbone of the fish, and the trigger sleeve is released. Two light coil springs push the trigger sleeve down, causing the jaws to lock shut. The fish then is lifted, with the fish's weight causing the jaws to be pulled shut even tighter while the trigger sleeve is being continuously pushed down by the two light coil springs to lock the jaws in a progressively tighter position. This self-closing and locking ability allows the angler to maintain a secure grip on the grip sleeve without exerting any locking effort. If the fish thrashes, the main tube is allowed to spin inside the grip tube while the scale spring acts as a shock absorber. The fish's weight is checked by reading the point that the main tube's embossed scale has been pulled down to inside the grip tubing. The fish is released by placing it down in the water, boat or on the bank, etc., and again pulling back on the trigger.


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