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Always looking for "The World's Best Fishing Gear" We have found THE BEST Sunglasses lanyard (retainer) we have Ever! If you're tired of the lanyard lying on your neck, itching and irritating as it lays there, then We Have A Solution!

We have all experienced the irritation, the "heaviness" of wet lanyards,and the smelly sweat that typical lanyards produce over time. Now that's Obsolete! No More Itch, No More Smell, No More Fraying, No More Skin Irritation, No More Distraction. Invented by a Surgical Room Rep, Cablz Solve a Big Problem with a Very Simple Solution - They DO NOT lAY ON YOUR NECK! Simple, huhIJ Cablz are the ideal eyewear retention system that will keep your eyewear secure and stylish.

Cablz Suspend Behind your neck while providing 100% retention of your eyewear. Because of their Small Size and Super Strength you are not distracted. Not to be confused with Croakies, Chums or other eyewear straps or eyeglass cords on the market today, Cablz are made of surgical grade mono cable, industrial strength rubber and other proprietary components.They Stay Clean,Impervious to Sweat, Dust, Dirt, and all other elements. They can be cleaned with a soft cloth and Never, Ever Smell Bad or Fray.

These are not just another eyewear sock or cord, but a New, Innovative Product you will soon find You Can't live Without! Cablz are Here and IN STOCK in 3 Sizes - 12", 14" and 16" overall length - and 3 Colors - Clear, Black, and Monoz.

Stays Off Your Neck

Does Not Get Hot or Sweaty

Does Not Get Heavy From Being Wet

Never Has Bad Odor

Allows Full Range of Motion

Does Not Catch on Clothing

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Colors Mono
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