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College Fishing Team, High School Fishing Team Program

Give your college fishing team a new a competitive advantage. Your high school fishing team, too.

American Legacy Fishing & Outdoors supports all organized High School Fishing Clubs and Collegiate Fishing Teams with great products, exceptional pricing, and attractive incentive programs.

American Legacy Fishing's High School and College program isn’t just for the biggest teams like UCF or UNC Charlotte … every sanctioned team is eligible.

This program is for you and your team as long as you a member of a college fishing team, or you’re a member of a high school bass fishing team, and your team is competing in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri — or another state that has organized high school or college team fishing.

For example, this program is perfect for teams that fish in tournaments scored by the BAXAB formula.

Better gear is sure to help you land the winners. We’d like to help you get every advantage so you have a real shot at winning the Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship!

Recently fishing teams from Bethel University, Dayton State College, Western Illinois University, University of North Carolina Charlotte, University of Central Florida, New Mexico State University, Auburn University, Georgetown College, Eastern Kentucky University, and many more have been making the news and winning tournaments. FLW College Fishing or other sanctioning bodies are putting high school and college fishing tournaments on the map!

American Legacy Fishing & Outdoors would like to help you compete with the best products, the best experience, and the best pricing available.

Our pro staff is available 24/7 to get you and your team up on the podium. On a regular basis!

Contact Us to make sure you and your team qualify.

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