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Ice Rods

Ice Rods

Our carefully curated collection of ice rods ensures that you have the perfect equipment to elevate your ice fishing adventures. Whether you're targeting panfish or battling larger predators beneath the ice, the ice rods that we offer deliver outstanding performance, allowing you to make the most of your time on the ice.

G. Loomis ice rods offer unmatched craftsmanship, utilizing advanced materials and techniques for precise casts and detecting subtle bites. These rods are engineered with precision and are known for their strength, sensitivity, and control. With ergonomic designs and comfortable grips, G. Loomis ice rods provide anglers with the ultimate combination of performance and handling.

St. Croix ice rods are revered for their superior quality and responsiveness. Crafted with attention to detail, these rods incorporate innovative technologies to excel in finesse fishing and battling larger fish under the ice. With their impressive sensitivity and durability, St. Croix ice rods offer anglers the power and finesse necessary to tackle various species.

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