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iBobber Bluetooth Smart Castable Fishfinder- Up to 100ft. Deep

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Fishing is fun.

iBobber is for anyone who loves to fish, and wants to catch more of them. Just cast, the iBobber and Ping! iBobber will show you where the fish are.

iBobber is simple to use, easy to charge, and can help make fishing more fun than ever. If you already have a boat-mounted fish finder, the iBobber is for you too. You'll love finding more than just the fish under your boat.

iPhone and Google app are FREE.

*Phones or Tablet not Included

  • Sonar depth up to 135ft, and covers 233 diameter at the waterbed. Highest 42 deg. angle on the market for easy fish finding
  • Weather forecast always at your fingertips, stay one step ahead. Weather effects feeding times.
  • Customize the settings to your liking, silence alarms, add details to your trip log and much more.
  • Pings up to 135' deep at 42 degrees, widest sonar range on the market allows broadest views of the waterbed.
  • Longest battery on the market allows the user to stay out longer and avoid heading in simply for a recharge.
  • Gauge the water temperature and ideal fishing conditions with the built in thermometer.
  • Notifies the user when fish are caught by sonar, and then provides detail of the fish depth and size.
  • Now you can see the contour of the waterbed on your smart device. Just cast the iBobber and tap Begin, get ready to a count of 3, then reel the iBobber over the area to map, tap Stop, and have a look at the waterbed map (up to 135' deep), and the contours of the bottom.
  • Lunar cycles effect the water depth and fish feeding times. Stay one step ahead with up-to-date lunar calendar.
  • Save and upload your favorite fishing spots for the fishing community and pin point your adventure location.
  • Tap to log your GPS position and send it to the trip log to save future hot spots and share with the fishing community.
  • Notifies you when fish bite, or take a nibble. Sensitive strike alarm lets you know a catch is close.
  • the LED light allows the user to extend their time out in the darkness of night or morning hours.
  • the iBobber App has many features that allow the user to have complete control of their adventure.

Love at first cast.
The fishfinder that syncs with your smart phone or tablet.

From your first cast, there’s a lot to love about iBobber?.

You’ll love that it syncs via Bluetooth Smart® with your iPhone or iPad or phone or tablet for Android? up to 100’ away, so you have a fishfinder that’s as mobile as you are.

iBobber uses sophisticated sonar to locate fish down to 135’, with 2 fish sizes, while the intuitive app enables you to GPS tag favorite hotspots, map waterbed contours, and measures water temperature.

And you’ll love that you can save details of all your fishing adventures with the Trip Log, and share it all on social media. You’ll also love the Lunar Calendar, Fish and Strike Alarm, LED Beacon, Weather sync, and stunning graphics.

The love gets even deeper when you see how simple iBobber is to use. One cast and you’ll be hooked. Fish with it and you’ll have great stories to tell. A love story, too. Get the free iPhone app. Or free Android app.



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