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Jackall ASKA 70 SR Black Chartreuse

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Jackall ASKA 70 SR Black Chartreuse




Jackall ASKA 70 SR Black Chartreuse

Looking for less snags and a straighter swim? The Jackall ASKA Crankbait Series is the way to go. First Jackall used a fiberglass circuit board design bill, which grabs more water. It has a unique body design that gives it perfect balance to help make it snagless and deflect off objects, such as rocks and stumps. The body is a slender design, giving it a fast wobbling and rolling action that bass cannot resist. It is a silent running lure which can attract bigger fish in a pressure situation. Jackall also made a new center hook design to have less play so there is less chance to tangle with the bill or the rear hook.

Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Jackall
Color Black Chartreuse
Price $15.99
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Lure Type Crankbait - Deep Dive
Length 3"
Lure Weight 5/8oz.
Color Black Chartreuse

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