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How Do I Trade?

Don't be scared if you've never traded with us. We make turning your used gear into store credit easy with our Industry Leading Rod & Reel Trade-in Program. Here is an easy-to-follow video and a brief 3-step explanation of how to complete a trade, but if you want the full details on how to start the trade process, visit our Trade-in page here.

  1. Decide what rods and/or reels that you want to trade in.
  2. Get a quote by using our trade-in form or by bringing your gear by our showroom for one of our team members to evaluate.
  3. You have two options as to how you can proceed once you've received your quote:
    1. Make a purchase and then send your gear in. Your credit will be applied in the form of a refund to this order once we process your trade.
    2. Send your gear and then make a purchase. Your credit will be applied to your order and you will only have to pay the difference if applicable.

Any outstanding credit will be loaded onto a gift card which has no expiration date or restrictions. If you're looking to receive cash for your gear instead of store credit, you may qualify by joining our Legacy Elite Program

What's A Trade Boost?

Speaking of the Legacy Elite Program, we wanted to use this promotion as an opportunity to let you experience one of the many Elite Benefits in the form of a 10% Trade Boost. Throug October 12th, you will receive an instant 10% increase on our already generous trade quotes. This means that you would automatically receive an extra $100 on a trade valued at $1000.

There is a minimum value of $100 required to be eligible for this giveaway, but don't feel weird about getting a quote for one single rod or a 50+ piece trade of rods and reels. We gladly take both types of trades and are happy to help you move off of your gear and get you into something new!

What's In The Giveaway?

If the name of the promotion didn't tip you off, we're giving away five seperate KGB swimbaits and five seperate $100 E-Gift Cards which can be redeemed on our website! We have no affiliation with KGB outside of our admiration for their commitment to quality baits and quality customer service. We sourced these exclusively with you guys in mind, knowing how difficult it can be to score a bait without having to pay 3x MSRP on the resale market.


The ten lucky winners will get to choose their prize of choice. We will offer the chance to choose based on the order in which the winner is chosen, so your choices will be limited to the available prizes remaining.

KGB Textured Shad Glide (TSG) - $175 Original MSRP

Choose one of two colors

KGB OG Chad Shad - $150 Original MSRP

Choose one of two colors

KGB Textured Shad Glide (TSG) - $200 Original MSRP

Black Crappie

How Do I Enter?

Entering into our giveaway is simple;  Complete a trade during the eligible time frame, September 12th through October 12th. That's it — Anyone who completes a trade during this time frame will be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win one of the prizes detailed above. You may complete multiple trades during the month, but you will only be granted one entry regardless of how many times you trade. 

We have detailed all of the other nuanced mumbo jumbo (OFFICIAL RULES) that are necessary to keep us out of trouble below. If you have ANY questions about how this giveaway works, please contact us by calling our shop at 1-812-402-6350 or emailing us at [email protected] . 


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