Free Same Day Ground Shipping For USA Orders Over $99

Legacy Elite Program

Unmatched Exclusive Shopping, Shipping, & Trading Benefits;  Legacy Elite.

We have always sought to push the boundaries of your shopping experience and we are confident that we have designed this program to bring you the best possible experience offered by anyone in the fishing industry. As a member of The Legacy Elite Program, you are entitled to a plethora of benefits that we have broken into three segments;  Shopping, Shipping, and Trading Benefits.


  • No minimum for free basic ground shipping
  • Discounted Express Shipping
    • $5 2-day express shipping under $100
    • Free 2-day shipping over $100
    • $25 Overnight Shipping
      • Excludes Oversized Packages (Rods over 79", Trolling Motors, etc.)
  • Free shipping on all trades


  •   Receive a one-time $25 sign-up bonus
    • This Bonus is sent as 2500 Reward Points.
  • 10% Credit back on all orders*
    • Credit will be issued in the form of Legacy Loyalty Reward Points, so you can think of this as 10x LLR Points on all orders.
    • Some promotions over 20% off will be excluded from 10% credit back
  • Access to exclusive Elite promotions and early releases


  • 10% Boost on all trade values
  • Optional cash for trades at 10% off quoted value
    • All trades for cash will be paid via physical check

Did you know that we have the ability to order in any JDM Megabass product? 


We do not list these products on the site because we only have access to them once a month, therefore it is difficult to gauge what will be available in advance.


As a Legacy Elite Member, you will receive the same order form that we get towards the end of each month. You will have the ability to hand pick a selection of JDM products that are otherwise inaccessible on our site!

Our Legacy Loyalty Rewards Program has been a backbone of our business since day one. We are aiming to expand beyond the original perameters of that program here. 

  • Anniversary Legacy Loyalty Reward Points Matching
    • We will match your base dollar amount spent for the year in LLRP when you renew your subscription
    • Ex:  Spend $1000 in one year and receive 1000 LLRP at the end of the year on top of your existing points balance
  • LLRP Multiplieres for Specific Products/Brands

Those of you who have experienced our Facebook Community Group know that it is unlike any service offered by any other retailer in the industry. Weekly giveaways, used gear sales, and contests have been staples of this group since its inception.


Now, with the new Legacy Elite Exclusive Group, we will have the ability to connect on an even more personal level than before. Multiple used gear sales every week, personalized advice, and early access to new products are just a few of the endless benefits of this private group.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an Elite membership last?

Your membership lasts exactly one year from

the date you sign up.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Yes, your membership will automatically renew

exactly one year from the date you purchased it.

Will there ever be any discounts on Elite Memberships?

While we will never offer any discounts on the

price of our Elite Membership, we will periodically

offer incentives for signing up throughout the year.

Will any discounts/promotions be exclude from Elite benefits?

The only promotions that will negate the 10%

credit back benefit will be any promotion offering

a discount of 20% or more. 

Will I be grandfathered in if there is ever a price increase?

Yes, we do not foresee any price increases for this

program, but your autorenew fee will only ever

charge the amount you originally paid for your


Will there ever be more benefits added to the Elite program?


Yes, we are always thinking of more ways to bring value

to this program. We are also always open to suggestions

from the community on what you would want to see

brought to life.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you are free to cancel your membership at

any time, but you will retain your benefits until

your current subscription year ends.

Do I have to join the Legacy Elite Facebook Group?

No, you are not obligated to join this group if you

do not wish to.

How do I join the Legacy Elite Facebook Group?

You will be sent an email with an invitation to join

our private group upon purchasing your membership.

Don't see your question here? Contact us and we'll be happy to help answer it!

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