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Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rods

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Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rods

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Built exclusively for North American anglers, the all-new Destroyer harnesses the time-tested design of previous generations. Each design is a meticulous refinement of key American techniques, carefully engineered through 30 years of experience across nearly every lure type and category.

Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rod 6'11" Medium One Ten Special

Pieces: 1 | Length: 6'11" | Power: Medium | Line: 8-20lb | Lure: 3/8 - 3/4oz. | MPN: F4.5-611X | Name: One Ten Special

Destroyer One Ten Special F4.5-611X

The Destroyer® Oneten Special delivers improved castability and effortless cadence, allowing anglers to maximize the potential of their Megabass jerkbaits. Proprietary multiaxis Hybrid Graphite System yields a blank that feels poised to unleash furious casts, while also holding a surprising amount of power to control lure and fight alike.
Crisp, lightweight blank and fast taper combine to significantly reduce blank reverberations between jerks, and transmit angler input more quickly and precisely. This increases sensitivity between jerks for improved bite detection, while also requiring less energy to generate the same amount of lure action.
Shortened rear grip further improves rod cadence ergonomics, for truly unrivaled precision and performance. Not limited to jerkbaits, the Oneten Special is also well-suited for those top water applications that rely on cadence and angler input to impart lure action.


Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rod 7'1" Medium-Heavy FMJ

Pieces: 1 | Length: 7'1" | Power: Medium-Heavy | Line: 10-25lb | Lure: 3/8 - 1 1/4oz. | MPN: F6-71X | Name: FMJ

Destroyer FMJ F6-71X

The Destroyer® FMJ harnesses the full potential of our proprietary Hybrid Graphite System and multi-axis construction, delivering a unique blend of sensitivity and power to take jig fishing to new heights. FMJ transmits contact and composition in sharp clarity, Japanese carbon transmitting even the subtlest pickup bites and pecks.

Showcasing a tip section designed with that perfect balance of stiffness/give to hop jigs out of danger of snags, Destroyer® FMJ is built to dominate the gnarliest structure, without sacrificing the ability to manipulate jigs with exact precision.

Powerful lower blank section puts control in your hands in and around structure, while Destroyer® FMJ's flawless bend responds effortlessly to surging fish to keep hard-won bites pinned. FMJ's balance point is carefully calibrated to a palming grip, pivoting with the angler's hand as the axis point. This reduces rod-work fatigue, while also positioning the angler to unleash fearsome hooksets at a moment's notice.


Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rod 7'2" Medium Daemos

Pieces: 1 | Length: 7'2" | Power: Medium | Line: 8-20lb | Lure: 3/8 - 1oz. | MPN: F5-72X | Name: Daemos

Destroyer Daemos F5-72X

The Destroyer® Daemos inherits its core DNA from the Destroyer Racing Condition and Orochi XX Diablo Spec-R, building upon this heritage to take single hook applications to the next level. With a stronger and more sensitive blank, Daemos detects those nearly imperceptible follow-bites during swimming retrieves, and drives thick-gauge steel home for decisive hooksets.

Lightweight construction does little to obscure the blank’s undeniable power, allowing for nimble responsiveness on the water. Destroyer® Daemos loads with a silky-smooth bend for instinctive casting feel, inspiring professional-grade sniper casts to tight targets.


Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rod 7'5" Medium Javelin

Pieces: 1 | Length: 7'5" | Power: Medium | Line: 8-20lb | Lure: 3/8 - 1oz. | MPN: F5-75X | Name: Javelin

Destroyer Javelin F5-75X

The Destroyer® Javelin is a specialized long-range model, developed specifically for treble hook baits to maximize casting distance and hookup/landing ratios. Employing our Hybrid Graphite System and a Medium-Fast taper, casts load deep into the powerful mid-section of the Javelin's 7'5" frame, translating angler energy into formidable casting distance.
Destroyer® Javelin is designed for fast-moving search baits and burning, with a Medium-Fast taper tuned to absorb—then quickly pin and control—those key reaction bites. With ample power to set the hook at the end of a long cast, Javelin's smooth-bending blank also responds dynamically to load, absorbing surges from hard-charging fish to keep those finicky trebles securely buried.


Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rod 7'6" Heavy Valdivia

Pieces: 1 | Length: 7'6" | Power: Heavy | Line: 10-25lb | Lure: 3/8 - 1 1/2 oz. | MPN: F7-76X | Name: Valdivia

Destroyer Valdivia F7-76X

The Destroyer® Valdivia is first and foremost a frog rod, developed to give our touring pro's every edge to dominate the mats.
Precision & Distance: 7'6" length sends frogs to the farthest reaches of expansive mats, while blank's intuitive bend allows for pinpoint accuracy when targeting open pockets or edges.
Control: Hybrid Graphite System and multi-axis construction afford a lightness that belies Valdivia's size and strength, allowing for comfortable rod work to draw the maximum action from frogs.
Positive Hookset: Blank tapers to a subtle tip section with the perfect "give" for ambushing bass to take down their meals. Extra-Fast taper quickly transitions to the massively powerful mid/belly section upon hookset, driving thick-gauge hooks home. Valdivia’s entire blank responds dynamically to changing loads, keeping fish pinned under the heaviest mats until anglers can reach in to grab their trophy.


Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rod 7'11" Extra Heavy Warhammer

Pieces: 1 | Length: 7'11" | Power: Extra Heavy | Line: 16-30lb | Lure: 3/8 - 2 oz. | MPN: F8.5-711X | Name: Warhammer

Destroyer Warhammer F8.5-711X

The Destroyer® Warhammer is designed for devastatingly powerful and effortless punching applications in the deepest and darkest jungle mats. Leveraging Japanese carbon, a proprietary multi-axis build, and double-wrapped and double-footed Titanium SiC® guides, Warhammer is built for all-day endurance punching.

With balance point calibrated just in front of the reel seat, Destroyer® Warhammer's pivot point helps reduce fatigue from the repetitive motions of launching and controlling your punch rig. With that rare combination of deceptive lightness, vast power, and poised balance, Warhammer is forged so you can outperform and outwork the competition.


Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rod 7'11" XX-Heavy Onager

Pieces: 1 | Length: 7'11" | Power: XX-Heavy | Line: 20-40lb | Lure: 4 - 8 oz. | MPN: F10-711X | Name: Onager

Destroyer Onager F10-711X

Named after the Roman siege catapult, the Destroyer® Onager was designed to launch large baits with impunity, and crafted for serious bigbait anglers.
Utilizing proprietary multi-axis blank construction and Hybrid Graphite to reduce weight without sacrificing strength or durability, Destroyer® Onager's entire length exhibits massive power to control bigbaits—and trophy targets—from cast to scale. Combination of lightweight blank material and raw power enables nimble rod work, imparting key action to large baits like the I-SLIDE 262T with ease.
Rear grip length is carefully tuned for two-handed "lever-casting," and can be comfortably tucked under arm during retrieves, or used to brace throughout the fight of your life. Double-footed Titanium SiC® guides are double-wrapped for durability and performance at key moments.
Onager proudly reflects the commitment of those who dedicate their life to "the one."



Megabass Destroyer USA Casting Rods

Built exclusively for North American anglers, the all-new Destroyer harnesses the time-tested design of previous generations. Each design is a meticulous refinement of key American techniques, carefully engineered through 30 years of experience across nearly every lure type and category.

The birth of every Destroyer rod begins with the un-sanded blank that features the original Destroyer logo as a tribute to its time-tested Hybrid Graphite System predecessors. This system features an integration of carbon of varying modulus into a single blank that allows for the selection of the perfect grade for each bend point. This "Hybrid" design, along with the multi-axis build process, creates a blank that stands alone, waiting to unleash effortless casts and staggering hooksets while taking advantage of unmatched "lifting power" to control the fight to land the prize winning fish.

Industry Patented blank-through build, Spiral Architecture Reel Seat, and Head Locker work together to create low-profile ergonomics and hands-on feel. Fuji Titanium SiC guides are set by dual thread-wraps on heavy action models, while stripper guides across the series are finished with distinctive detail.

The time-tested commitment to the Megabass series, loaded with the best available materials and construction, patented innovations, and proprietary blank builds and tapers, represent the first North American volley in the Destroyer series. Arm yourself with the best.

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Manufacturer Megabass
Color Black
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Series Destroyer
Rod Type Casting
Technique/Species Bass

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