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Megabass FX Knuckle 60 GP Pro Blue II

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Megabass FX Knuckle 60

The KNUCKLE 60 was developed in pursuit of the ultimate adjustable crank, and is built to exhibit increased effectiveness across a wider range of applications. The KNUCKLE 60 incorporates Megabass' unique FX System, utilizing a transformable square-bill lip that can be user-adjusted to target depths of 0-1ft or 4-5ft depending on conditions. The rugged bill is anchored by the 'knuckle' mechanism, which engages with a “click”, firmly locking the bill in position. Designed to maximize the effectiveness of underwater deflections, the adjustable lip is exceedingly durable, producing an alluring fluttering motion when coming into contact with structure. No matter what speed you retrieve KNUCKLE60, it will reliably produce alluring vibrations and movement. Unlike many other shallow-cranks, which primarily target stationary fish, KNUCKLE 60 has also proven effective as a mid-range crank. The KNUCKLE 60 is a competition crank bait built to win.

Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Megabass
Color GP Pro Blue II
Price $21.99
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Lure Type Crankbait - Shallow
Length 2 1/3"
Lure Weight 3/8oz
Color GP Pro Blue II

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