Free Same Day Ground Shipping For USA Orders Over $99


Now Available at American Legacy Fishing Co.

Starting in 2011 we are announcing a special service to all of our customers, especially those outside of the USA. We know finding hard-to-get fishing gear can be very frustrating for many of you outside of the USA. You read a USA fishing magazine or visit web sites that feature some highly desirable gear only to find out that manufacturer does not offer the product ion your country. Or, you find what you want only to be told the dealer will not ship to you.

We now offer our exclusive "Outfitting Service" that will purchase the items you need, create an invoice for you, allow you to check out using a credit card or PayPal, and Immediately Ship Your Order WORLDWIDE as soon as it has all been received by us. Even if we don't carry a brand we will locate it and purchase it for you. In many instances we can sell you what you want at the low USA prices due to our volume. When this is not the case a small service fee will be added which we will let you know up front.

Why? Well we have always promised to go "above and beyond" for you, our customers. We feel by offering you this service we are keeping our pledge to be the best fishing gear dealer in the world. Give us a try and we think you will be very pleased.

How? It's simple. Just email us a list of what you need to [email protected]. We'll get back to you with prices and availability and in no time you will get what you need when you need it. Try it, you'll like it!

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