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2024 4th of July Sale - Dobyns

2024 4th of July Sale - Dobyns


30% Off Shimano Poison Adrena and G. Loomis E6X Steelhead Rods,

25% Off Fenwick Rods, 20% Off Dobyns Rods, and 15% Off Sunline FC Sniper!



Dobyns Rods is a leading name in fishing gear, known for crafting high-quality rods tailored to anglers' needs. Founded by Gary Dobyns, a seasoned angler, the brand combines innovation, craftsmanship, and angling expertise.

Dobyns offers a wide range of rods designed for various techniques and species, from bass to crappie and even trout. Each rod is meticulously crafted with state-of-the-art materials and advanced techniques for optimal performance, sensitivity, and durability.

Features like high-modulus graphite blanks, Fuji reel seats, and premium guides ensure superior strength and hook-setting power. Dobyns Rods prioritizes angler satisfaction, providing excellent customer service and generous warranties.

Whether you're a tournament angler or weekend enthusiast, Dobyns Rods has a rod for you. With their gear, you can pursue their passion confidently, knowing they're equipped with top-tier equipment engineered for success on the water.

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Dobyns Rods FAQ:

Q:  What makes Dobyns Rods different from other fishing rod brands?

A:  Dobyns Rods values feedback from anglers and incorporates it into their rod designs. This collaborative approach ensures that the rods are designed with real-world fishing situations in mind, resulting in products that meet the demands of anglers of all skill levels.


Q:  What types of fishing rods does Dobyns offer?

A:  Dobyns Rods offers a diverse lineup of fishing rods tailored to various fishing techniques and species. Whether an angler prefers finesse techniques or power casting, Dobyns has a rod designed to excel in that specific application.


Q:  What is the warranty on Dobyns Rods?

A:  For damages determined to be from accident, normal wear and tear, or neglect, Dobyns Rods offers a No Hassle repair and replacement policy. In the event a rod is broken, the rod owner must pay the replacement fee in order to receive a replacement rod. If they no longer offer the exact model, they will replace it with the closest comparable model from their current product line. For a full list of the prices associated with warrantying your rod, see here.


Q:  What are some tips for maintaining Dobyns Rods?

A:  We reccomend taking care of your Dobyns rod the same way that we reccomend taking care of any rod. Keep the cork clean with a magic eraser and use a rod sleeve to protect your guides when storing it.


Q:  How do Dobyns Rods compare to other popular fishing rod brands?

A:  Dobyns Rods is an industry leader in listening to angler feedback. Not just their pro staff, but the casual weekend warrior that is looking for hyper-specific rods to fish their favorite technique in their unique scenarios. They actively seek input from anglers and incorporates their feedback into product development, resulting in rods that are finely tuned to meet the needs of real-world fishing situations.

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