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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Grease

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In 2001, not satisfied with standard lubrication, Quantum engineers set out to develop a premium, high performance, lubrication for their high-end reels. Working with several lubrication scientists, at one of the worlds best custom lubrication companies, they spent countless hours formulating and testing the best technology had to offer. What they came up with was a special, proprietary blend of synthetic and organic additives to provide the ultimate balance in performance, protection, durability, and smoothness in both grease and oil used for fishing equipment.

Although the formulation is proprietary, some aspects of it can be revealed to inform the general public. Hot Sauce grease does not have any kind of abrasives or lapping compound contained in it. The grease does, however, have a fine Teflon powder suspended in it to improve durability by reducing friction and wear. Teflon is a common additive used in lubrication. There is no such thing as "Teflon based grease", as some people claim. All solid matter has a certain degree of surface roughness regardless of how smooth or how polished it is. The Teflon in Hot Sauce is formulated in such a way as to fill-in any roughness. The super slick nature of Teflon used in this manner provides unparalleled smoothness and durability. It is possible to see these Teflon particles with a good eye or microscope.

Other unique aspects of this proprietary formulation are: great adhesion to parts caused by the physical and bonding properties of the formulation; additives for superior corrosion protection in saltwater; and, long life and durability by protecting the base oil from aging.

Due to all the additives and complexity of the formulation process, Hot Sauce is not the cheapest lubrication one can find. In fact, Quantum engineers had a difficult time implementing this in production because of its high cost.

Quantum Hot Sauce can be used in any product, spinning, baitcast, trolling, or spincast with great success. Thousands of people have reaped the benefits of Hot Sauce outside of fishing products as well, like in the home and shop. The formulation makes it good for many applications where there are moving parts, wear, noise, and/or corrosion issues. The versatility of Hot Sauce makes it well suited for all freshwater and saltwater applications regardless of style or brand of reel.

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