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  1. DAIWA Certate CERTATE2510PE-H Spinning Reel
  2. Daiwa Certate Spinning Reels

    Starting at: $419.99

    Daiwa's Certate sets the standards for corrosion resistant reels. Two Magseald ball bearingd (One on each side of the drive gear) combined with the Magsealed main shaft and line roller. There are also five corrosion resistant ball bearings (CRBB) to keep Certate reels running smooth, even in the roughest of conditions.

    Certate® Features:

    • Magsealed Drive Gear (Both Sides)
    • Magsealed Main Shaft and Line Roller
    • 10 Bearing System (1MRB + 5CRBB + 3BB +1RB)
    • Zaion Air Rotor for lighter weight and greater sensitivity
    • Protrusion Free Air Bail 
    • Digigear™ digital gear design


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  3. Daiwa Exceler EXE Spinning Reel 6.0:1 EXE2000SH

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Special Price $49.95

  4. Penn Squall 12 Star Drag Coventional Saltwater Fishing Reel- SQL12
  5. Penn Squall 15 Star Drag Coventional Saltwater Fishing Reel- SQL15
  6. Shimano Calcutta B 6.0:1 Round Casting Reel CT200GTB
  7. Shimano Calcutta B 6.0:1 Round Casting Reel CT201B Left Hand
  8. Shimano Calcutta B Round Casting Reels
  9. Shimano Calcutta CT200B Casting Fishing Reel
  10. Shimano Exsence Compact 3000HG Spinning Reel
  11. Shimano Exsence Spinning Reels

    Starting at: $539.99

    Loaded with flagship features, Exsence provides light tackle inshore and bass anglers with everything they need in a featherweight package. The saltwater safe, magnesium HAGANE body offers rigidity and all-day comfort.

    By combining Shimano's water-repellent coating and our specially designed, water channeling, labyrinth construction, X Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation.

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  12. Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reels

    Starting at: $699.99

    The smoothest most efficient drivetrain in a spinning reel is now even smoother and more efficient with improved durability. Introducing the new Shimano Stella.The new Micro Module II provides a new ideal gear design and gear teeth surface for amazing smoothness and nearly twice the strength of Shimano’s already unmatched gear durability.

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  13. Shimano Stella FJ STL2500HGFJ Spinning Reel 6.0:1

    SPECIFICATIONS: Retrieve: Reversible | Gear Ratio: 6.0:1 | Weight: 7.2 oz. | LPT: 35" | Capacity: Mono: 8/140, 10/120 Braid: 10/150, 15/145, 30/100 |Max Drag(lb): 20 | MPN: STL2500HGFJ

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  14. Shimano Stradic CI4+ Spinning Reels

    Starting at: $229.99

    Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Spinning Reels striking good looks, light weight with a solid feel, and an ultra smooth reeling experience combine to win the hears of anglers around the globe.

    Incorrporating exciting concepts like HAGANE gear, G Free Body, CI4+, X-SHIP, Core Protect, and the totally new Magnumlite Rotor which allows a super light feel when you turn the handle, the new Stradic Ci4+ is built to last.


    • Upgraded water resistance with Core Protect
    • New Magnumlight ROtor is 25% lighter and offers better balance with 22% less intertia. This means reeling is "light" feeling from the first turn.
    • G-Free Body shifts the reel's center of gravity closer to the rod, reducing fatigue and creating a "lighter", more comfortable fee.
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  15. Shimano Stradic FK 1000HGFK Spinning Reel
  16. Shimano Stradic FK 2500HGFK Spinning Reel
  17. Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reels
  18. Shimano Sustain FI Spinning Reels

    Starting at: $299.99

    Sustain is packed with a long list of high-end features which translates to serious performance. From bass to small billfish, Sustain is built with the power and rigidity to handle a wide variety of fishing challenges while maintaining the refinement and light rotation that Sustain is known for.By combining our water-repellent coating and our specially designed, water channeling, labyrinth construction, X Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation.By utilizing the asymmetrical, super-light, perfectly balanced design of the new Magnumlite Rotor, the Sustain requires very low inertia to start rotating, resulting in an immediate, light, smooth feel.

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  19. Shimano Sustain SA2500HGFI Spinning Fishing Reel
  20. Shimano Sustain SAC3000HGFI Spinning Fishing Reel
  21. Shimano Ultegra Spinning Reels

    Starting at: $139.99

    Shimano Ultegra Spinning Reels

    The new Ultegra Series spinning reels include a HAGANE Gear for incredible durability, X-Ship technology for increased smoothness and efficiency, Aero Wrap Oscillation for perfect line winding and longer casting, and Coreprotect for water resistance without a heavy rotation feeling. To the fisherman, these features work together to create a reel that responds quickly and positively in a wide variety of fishing situations.

    The cold-forged, HAGANE Gear provides unmatched smoothness and durability. The HAGANE Gear is produced by applying nearly 200 tons of pressure to the raw metal. This technology involves no cutting work to forge a high-precision gear with micron accuracy in a single process, and this is unlike any other in the world.

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  22. Shimano Ultegra ULT1000HGFB Spinning Reel
  23. Shimano Ultegra ULT2500HGFB Spinning Reel
  24. Shimano Ultegra ULTC3000HGFB Spinning Reel

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