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  1. ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser Rangefinder 1000 | ACMUABL1000
  2. ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser Rangefinder 1500 | ACMUABL1500

    Regular Price: $449.00

    Special Price $379.00

  3. ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser Rangefinders
  4. ATN Corporation LaserBallistics 1000 Digital Bluetooth Rangefinder LBLRF1000B
  5. ATN DGSSHD2080 Spotting Scope Monocular 20-80x 200mm 107 ft @ 1000 yds FOV
  6. ATN Extended Life Battery Pack w/ Micro USB Cable & Case - ACMUBAT160
  7. ATN LBLRF1500B Corporation Laser Ballistics 1500 Digital Rangefinder Bluetooth 6X
  8. ATN NVDNPS2820 Day/Night Vision Clip On Weapon Sight System PS28-2 Rifle Scope
  9. ATN NVMNMON420 ATN MO4-2 NV Monocular 2 + Gen 5x 90mm 11 Degree FOV 60Hr Battery
  10. ATN NVWSNAR420 Night Arrow 4 - 2 NV Night Vision Weapon Sight Rifle Scope
  11. ATN ThOR 4 HD Thermal Scope 1.25-5X 384X288 | TIWST4381A

    Regular Price: $2,499.00

    Special Price $1,999.00

    The Thor 4 384 is a smart HD thermal rifle scope that is powered by ATN's Obsidian IV dual core. It comes with 3 ultra sensitive next gen sensors including Black Hot, Color Mode, and White Hot. It can record video in 1280p resolution at 60 FPS and stream in 720p, so you don't miss another opportunity to capture that once in a lifetime moment. This scope is easy to mount with 30mm standard rings and it's easy to use with the zoom wheel and classical ergonomic buttons. Sighting in your Thor 4 with One Shot Zero easy; take a shot to adjust your reticle and you are ready to hunt. It also features a smart range finder that is fast and easy to make a good distance estimate to your target. This 384 model has a 1.25-5x magnification.

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  12. ATN TIMNOH381A OTS Monocular 1-25x 19mm 16 degrees x 12.5 degrees FOV

    Regular Price: $1,948.99

    Special Price $1,699.00

  13. ATN TIWSTH381A ThOR-HD Thermal Rifle Scope 1.25-5x, 384x288, 19mm Video WiFi GPS
  14. ATN TIWSTH382A ThOR HD Thermal Rifle Scope 2-8x, 25mm 384x288 Video WiFi GPS
  15. ATN TIWSTH384A Thor Thermal Scope 4.5-18x 50mm 6 degrees x 4.7 degrees FOV
  16. ATN TIWSTH389A Thor Thermal Scope 9-36X 100mm 3 degrees x 2.4 degrees FOV
  17. ATN TIWSTH641A Thor Thermal Scope 1.1-10x 19mm 32 degrees x 25 degrees FOV
  18. TIWSTH642A
  19. ATN TIWSTH643A Thor Thermal Scope 2.5-25x 50mm 12.5 degrees x 9.7 degrees FOV
  20. ATN TIWSTH645A Thor Thermal Scope 5-50x 100mm 6 degrees x 4.7 degrees FOV
  21. ATN X-Sight 4K Buck Hunter Scope 3-14X Daytime Scope | DGWSXS3144KB

    Regular Price: $729.00

    Special Price $599.00

  22. ATN X-Sight 4K Buck Hunter Scope 5-20X Daytime Scope | DGWSXS5204KB

    Regular Price: $849.00

    Special Price $699.00

  23. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Scope 3-14X Day/Night HD Pro Edition | DGWSXS3144KP

    Regular Price: $849.00

    Special Price $699.00

  24. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Scope 5-20X Day/Night HD Pro Edition | DGWSXS5204KP

    Regular Price: $969.00

    Special Price $799.00

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