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Buff - The Original Multifunctional Headwear - Samson

A seamless tube of fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways. Protection from the elements, cold weather, and sun protection.

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  1. Pixels Desert
  2. Buff Pro Series Angler 3 Gloves Bug Slinger BS Water Camo Green S/M
  3. Mirage
  4. Buff Pro Series Fighting Work 3 Gloves Dorado S/M
  5. RT APG
  6. Original Buff
  7. Samson 3X Magnifier with Quick Release Quick Flip Mount 35mm | QR-3XM-SMAG

    Regular Price: $363.98

    Special Price $259.99

    The Samson 3X Magnifier and Quick Flip Mount combo was specifically designed to meet the demands of high-level operators and law enforcement professionals and features the rotary actuated mount base and patented push button flip-to-side action. The Samson 3X magnifier features clear, crisp, high-quality glass with excellent color preservation characteristics.

    At 35mm the magnifier accommodates a larger range of optics with greater light transmission and reduced edge distortion. If your mission profile calls for rapid transition between CQB and medium distance target engagement look no further than the Samson 3X magnifier and QR combination.

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  8. Samson Quick Release 30mm Quick Flip Optic Ring | QR-30MM

    Regular Price: $244.72

    Special Price $184.99

    Samson Quick Release Base with Flip-to-side Mount features the patented rotary actuated mount technology for operators and shooters who require a quick release solution for optics and accessories. Heavy duty 30mm rings in the Samson Quick Flip Mount. Perfect mount for universal optics magnifiers and other 30mm accessories.

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  9. UV Buff - Northern Pike - 18997
  10. UV Buff - Squared - 18205
  11. UV Buff - Wooly Bugger - 18897
  12. UV Buff Bonefish
  13. UV BUFF Headwear
  14. UV Buff Largemouth Bass
  15. UV Buff Marine
  16. UV Buff Mortal
  17. UV Buff Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
  18. UV Buff Mossy Oak Obsession
  19. UV Buff Pelagic Camo Lime
  20. UV Buff Pelagic Camo Pink
  21. UV Buff Pelagic Camo Purple
  22. UV Buff Pixels Desert
  23. UV Buff Steelhead
  24. UV Buff with Insect Shield - Suva Stone - 18154

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

1-24 of 39

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