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American Legacy

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  1. Falcon LowRider "Lizard Dragger" 7'0" Heavy Casting Rod | LFC-7H

    The legacy continues with the first rod designed to fish Carolina rigs.

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  2. Falcon LowRider Casting Rods

    Starting at: $129.99

    Available in a wide array of technique-tuned lengths and actions, our updated LowRider Series ushers in the next step in high performance among low-profile rods.

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  3. G. Loomis Carolina Rig Fishing rod NRX 873C CRR Blue

    G. Loomis Carolina Rig Casting Rod NRX 873C CRR Blue is designed to fish soft plastics on a leader behind a heavy sinker for a couple of good reasons. The heavy sinker helps you maintain positive contact with the bottom and it also creates a lot of commotion. Once you've got the bass' attention, the next thing to come along is the meal - set the hook. It can be tough to feel the bite because of all that weight ahead of the lure, but because of our NRX Technology, you'll feel everything that happens down there. The extra length moves a lot of line for positive hook-sets. You'll find it difficult to imagine a rod so light can be so powerful - and yet so insanely sensitive you'll wonder how we did it. Our secret - your advantage.

    NRX 873CRR Blue Handle

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  4. G. Loomis IMX-PRO 874C CRR Casting Rod - Carolina Rig

    Our medium heavy power Carolina Rig rod, designed to fish medium to heavy line, lighter rigs at moderate depths.  Lighter – smaller diameter – line means less drag and allows you to use less weight which helps improve sensitivity. The whole concept with this rig is to cover lots of area, keep the bait in constant contact with the bottom and catch those stubborn fish that for whatever reason, won't eat a Texas-rigged bait. IMX PRO technology makes it lightweight and very sensitive!

    IMX PRO Handle C

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  5. G. Loomis IMX-PRO 875C CRR Casting Rod - Carolina Rig

    When the fish are on deep isolated humps and ridges you need more weight to keep your rig on the bottom this 5-power casting rod is just what the doctor ordered. It's a great choice when your fishing where there's lots of brush, weeds and big rocks and excels when you need more power to get the fish out of all that stuff. It's made for the big Carolina rigs, deep-water, lots of cover and oversized bass. It's IMX tough, IMX sensitive and IMX light!

    IMX PRO Handle C

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  6. G. Loomis IMX-PRO Carolina Rig Casting Rods

    Starting at: $345.00

    G. Loomis IMX-PRO Carolina Rig Casting Rods

    The ultimate goal for the new G. Loomis IMX-PRO Series of bass rods is to provide the serious tournament angler with a broad offering of high performance, technique-specific rods.

    Blank tapers have been refined. Componentry is designed to achieve maximum comfort with subtly tapered rear grips to give you that split-grip feel with full grip comfort. Guides are tangle-free Fuji K-frames.

    These rods are a noticeable step above, not only E6X, but all previous generations of IMX! As manufacturing processes and materials improve, our mantra has been and will always be to build the best rod we can possibly make, given the level of performance we want to achieve. This new G. Loomis IMX-PRO Series is a great example.

    It's a blend of innovation in design and hi-tech materials that allow us to create a rod blank that reacts quickly, loads efficiently and provides more sensitivity than any IMX rod we've ever made. It all starts with an entirely new, high modulus, high performance material, creating rods of equal power and strength with less material, giving us a weight savings of as much as 18% compared to like models in E6X.

    Achieving this without sacrificing strength or power is a huge advantage for the angler. With strategic scrim placement during blank construction we can achieve more exacting tapers that give the angler the proper flex and power placement for specialized techniques such as fishing jigs, soft plastics and other bottom contact techniques. Accuracy, sensitivity, as well as positive line and lure control all come together with the new G. Loomis IMX-PRO Series to give the serious angler maximum enjoyment, as well as a major competitive advantage! These rods are a step above anything we've ever made at the IMX performance level and one that is sure to make you a more successful angler. IMX-PRO... a true revelation in bass rods with the quality and performance you expect from G.Loomis!

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  7. G. Loomis NRX Carolina Rig Casting Rods

    Starting at: $550.00

    G. Loomis NRX Carolina Rig Casting Rods are, simply put, the most sensitive, lightest, and most powerful Carolina Rig rods available today. It can be tough to feel the bite because of all that weight ahead of the lure, but because of G. Loomis’ NRX technology, you'll feel everything, and we mean everything that happens at the end of your line. G. Loomis NRX Carolina Rig Casting Rods are so light they will amaze you, yet so powerful and so insanely sensitive, you'll wonder how G. Loomis did it. Missed hook sets? Not with these NRX rods! Their secret is your advantage. Like all G. Loomis rods they are Made in the USA and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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  8. Lew's Mach Speed Stick Casting Rods

    Starting at: $79.95

    It all starts with the blank, which is lightweight and sensitive IM6 graphite constructed using Lew’s proprietary Carbon Nano Tube process. The blanks are multi-layered for superior strength and sensitivity. Grips feature Winn® advanced polymer Dri-Tac technology. Guides are American Tackle’s new AirWave slim ring line control system, delivering the ultimate line flow during a cast to maximize distance.

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  9. Lew's Mach Speed Stick “Carolina Rig” 7’6” Medium Heavy Casting Rod | MHCRR
  10. Shimano Curado Casting Rods

    Starting at: $159.99

    Shimano's new, tournament-quality, Curado rods feature a mixture of versatile and technique-specific actions, covering the spectrum of techniques for hardcore bass anglers. Light and sensitive Hybrid High Modulus UD Carbon with Nanoresin blanks, high-quality cork grips and FUJI components throughout. FUJI tangle free Alconite guides and matte rubberized, soft touch coated FUJI reel seats mean Curado rods are loaded with high-end features for high-end performance.

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  11. Shimano Curado CDC76H 7'6'' Heavy Carolina Rig Casting Rod

    It may not be your favorite technique, but when it is sweltering hot or frigid cold, dragging around the "ole' ball n' chain" is a surefire way to get bit…and maybe win Big Bass. Without the right action, casting those cumbersome Carolina-rigs can be difficult, but this rod has you covered.

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  12. St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rods

    Starting at: $280.00

    Legend Tournament® Bass rods have been refined to include a new guide train, improved reel seats and split-grip cork handles. The series has also been expanded to 9 spinning models, including new 8’+ sticks leading the way in long-rod performance.

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  13. W&M Skeet Reese Pro Carbon Rod
  14. W&M Skeet Reese Pro Carbon Rod 7' 6" Carolina Casting Rod - WMSRCR76C1
  15. Denali Jadewood 7'11" XHeavy Rig Rod J955FX
  16. Denali Kovert 7'4"  Heavy Carolina Rig Rod K844CR
  17. Denali Rosewood 7'11" XHeavy Rig Rod R955FX

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