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CC80 - Predator

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  1. Barnett Predator 430Fps Black Crossbow | 78002

    Regular Price: $1,399.99

    Special Price $1,299.99

    It's not just a predator, it's THE Predator® – the very top of the food chain. For hunters who want the biggest hits possible, the Predator harnesses 430 feet per second backed by 156 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. We complemented that power with a Carbonlite™ riser that removes extra weight and adds balance. The unique RUCS System unfolds for further balance, pushing the back of the bow up while gravity weighs the front down.

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  2. Daiwa CC80 6.8:1 Baitcasting Reel | CC80H
  3. Daiwa CC80 7.5:1 Baitcasting Reel | CC80HS
  4. Daiwa CC80 7.5:1 Left Hand Baitcasting Reel | CC80HSL
  5. Daiwa CC80 Baitcasting Reels

    Starting at: $59.99

    The CC80 casting reels delivers unbelievable performance in a very palm-able ergonomic light weight design.


    • New Compact Body Design (80 size)
    • Carbon Concept Frame/Side Plate = 6.9oz
    • 32mm Spool Diameter
    • 90mm Swept Handle
    • Double Anodized Aluminum Spool
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  6. G. Loomis PRO4x Long Handle Predator Rod 10812/13-4 LHP FR

    G. Loomis PRO4x Long Handle Predator Rods In keeping with the them for a unique, new approach in rod design, the LHP 12/13 is the ultimate in power fly rods to help fly fishers handle big, bulky, air-resistant flies and the wire leaders needed to keep those big toothy critters from cutting you off. It will cast the largest poppers, strip leeches, streamers and heavily weighted flies. Take advantage of the new, aggressive short power taper fly lines of up to 550 grains and fish the heavy cover where the monsters live. As powerful as this rod is, it's still light enough to fish all day and give you a fighting chance for the fish of a lifetime!

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