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Expedite - Tru-Fire - Don't settle for anything less than a Tru-Fire Release!

The world's largest release manufacture of useful and unique releases. 100% American made with a lifetime warranty.

Tru-Fire release are known for quality and craftsmanship as well as customer service. Tru-Fire goes the extra mile in product development.

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  1. Lucky Duck Rechargeable Battery 6-Volt
  2. Tru-Fire Draw Check Tool Blue
  3. Tru-Fire Release Patriot Jr Velcro Strap  Black
  4. Tru-Fire Release Patriot Velcro Strap  Black
  5. Tru-Fire SEAR Small Back Tension Bow Release | BTR-S

    Regular Price: $186.99

    Special Price $176.46

    Now offered in a configuration that is 20% smaller than previous models the feature-packed, extremely adjustable and easily user-configurable the new Tru-Fire Sear Small can be used as either a three-finger or a four-finger release. Designed from the ground up to win competitive archery championships the heart of the Sear is Tru-Fire’s patent-pending, four-sided variable-click sear. The four sides of the precision-ground stainless steel sear provide the archer’s choice of no-click, short-click, medium-click and long-click settings, which can be changed in a matter of minutes to meet each archer’s exact travel and timing preference. The one-piece anodized aluminum release head is precision machined to ensure perfect engagement of the sear and the finely ground stainless-steel string hook for a consistent release, shot after shot. The ergonomic handle is CNC milled from solid brass and is finished with a Black Chrome coating for increased durability while each handle comes with two anodized-aluminum finger extensions; the first provides a hook that wraps the ring finger for a three-finger configuration, and the second adds a fourth-finger option. The color-matched aluminum thumb post can be placed in one of two positions on the handle.

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  6. Tru-Fire Synapse Silver Thumb Button Bow Release | SYN-S

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $235.28

    The new Tru-Fire Synapse thumb-button release with true double-sear operation features a broad range of adjustments that allow it to be perfectly customized to any archer’s liking. Built on the platform of a weighted brass handle with an anodized aluminum cover, the Synpase allows users the choice of two finger extensions—a hook that wraps the ring finger for a 3-finger configuration as well as a fourth-finger extension. The internal stainless-steel components are precision milled for exceptionally crisp operation and flawless cocking of the trigger activation lever. The thumb button is multi-position configurable, with lockable adjustments for trigger travel and trigger tension. The trigger pressure is adjustable from a range of 1.25 to 20 ounces without the need to change springs or disassemble the release.

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  7. Lucky Duck Mallard Hen Direct Drive
  8. Expedite Air Dove w/Ground Stake
  9. Lucky Duck Battery Charger 6-Volt A/C
  10. Lucky Duck Dove Decoys 4/Pack Clip-On
  11. Lucky Duck Dove N Air w/Ground Stake
  12. Lucky Duck Lucky Teal Teal Spinning Wings
  13. Lucky Duck Quiver Magnet H2O
  14. Lucky Duck Rapid Flyer Teal Teal Remote Ready
  15. Expedite Remote Control Kit For Motorized Decoys
  16. Expedite Triple Play Doves Motion Doves
  17. Tru-Fire Release Patriot Buckle Strap  Black

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