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  1. Garcia Veritas 2.0 Frog Rod Med Heavy 7' 6" Casting Rod - VRTCF76-6
  2. Daiwa Tatula 7’4” Heavy Frog Casting Rod | TTU7741HFB
  3. Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

    Starting at: $149.99

    The brand new TATULA line of bass rods are finely crafted with state of the art components. With seven categories of rods and 21 different bends the TATULA collection is a most complete professional collection of bass rods. There are 7 spinning designs, 6 casting models, 2 flipping rods, 2 shallow crank/jerkbait rods, 3 glass cranking and spinnerbait rods and a frogging rod. The beautifully Crafted Natural Cork Handles provide timeless functionality combined with a sure grip. A slick Tatula Spider Graphic adorns the classic formed handles. The lighter X-45 concept blanks are rolled with Braiding-X Fiber Braiding Technology. The reduced weight blank resists ovalization allowing greater hoop strength loads for a more precise load-up. The tangle free Fuji FazLite guides allow long accurate casts. If you are looking for a professional grade bass rod designed with a specific purpose in mind then take a look at the TATULA line of bass rods where we’ve built one just for the task.

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  4. Daiwa Tatula Elite 7'4" Heavy Casting Rod TAEL741HFB-AGS
  5. Daiwa Tatula Elite 7'9" Heavy Casting Rod | TAEL791HFB-AGS

    Ish Monroe - Purpose: Long Cast Frog

    Daiwa AGS Casting Handle

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  6. Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS Casting Rods

    Starting at: $279.99

    Daiwa's added Tatula Elite Series Bass Rods to its stellar line up. What makes these rods so special? These are true signature series rods that were developed by Daiwa's Pros such as Randy Howell, Brent Ehrler, Ish Monroe, Takahiro Omori, Andy Montgomery, Seth Feider and Cody Meyers. Each pro was asked to pick their favorite techniques and design specific rods to be the ultimate action to accomplish that technique. Our Pros were given absolutely free reign to pick rod blank, guides and reel seat, so this series is the perfect personalized series line of rods.

    Now anglers do not have to guess what the right rod action would be for a specific technique. Daiwa pros have taken all of the guess work out of it so you don't have to hunt for the right rod and can concentrate on catching more fish.

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  7. Falcon Expert "Froggin/Pitchin" 6'11" Heavy Casting Rod | EC-7-1611

    A true frog rod, it's soft enough for subtle action but powerful enough to deal with matted vegetation.

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  8. Falcon Expert Casting Rods

    Starting at: $199.99

    All new for 2019, we are proud to introduce the latest generation of Experts™. Featuring actions tuned through close consultation with the Falcon pro-staff like Bassmaster Elite Series anglers Jason Christie and Mike McClelland, our all-new, top-of-the-line, Expert Series rods are built with one purpose in mind. Winning.

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  9. G. Loomis IMX-PRO Topwater Frog Casting Rods

    Starting at: $345.00

    G. Loomis IMX-PRO Topwater Frog Casting Rods

    The ultimate goal for the new G. Loomis IMX-PRO Series of bass rods is to provide the serious tournament angler with a broad offering of high performance, technique-specific rods.

    Blank tapers have been refined. Componentry is designed to achieve maximum comfort with subtly tapered rear grips to give you that split-grip feel with full grip comfort. Guides are tangle-free Fuji K-frames.

    These rods are a noticeable step above, not only E6X, but all previous generations of IMX! As manufacturing processes and materials improve, our mantra has been and will always be to build the best rod we can possibly make, given the level of performance we want to achieve. This new G. Loomis IMX-PRO Series is a great example.

    It's a blend of innovation in design and hi-tech materials that allow us to create a rod blank that reacts quickly, loads efficiently and provides more sensitivity than any IMX rod we've ever made. It all starts with an entirely new, high modulus, high performance material, creating rods of equal power and strength with less material, giving us a weight savings of as much as 18% compared to like models in E6X.

    Achieving this without sacrificing strength or power is a huge advantage for the angler. With strategic scrim placement during blank construction we can achieve more exacting tapers that give the angler the proper flex and power placement for specialized techniques such as fishing jigs, soft plastics and other bottom contact techniques. Accuracy, sensitivity, as well as positive line and lure control all come together with the new G. Loomis IMX-PRO Series to give the serious angler maximum enjoyment, as well as a major competitive advantage! These rods are a step above anything we've ever made at the IMX performance level and one that is sure to make you a more successful angler. IMX-PRO... a true revelation in bass rods with the quality and performance you expect from G.Loomis!

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  10. Shimano Curado Casting Rods

    Starting at: $159.99

    Shimano's new, tournament-quality, Curado rods feature a mixture of versatile and technique-specific actions, covering the spectrum of techniques for hardcore bass anglers. Light and sensitive Hybrid High Modulus UD Carbon with Nanoresin blanks, high-quality cork grips and FUJI components throughout. FUJI tangle free Alconite guides and matte rubberized, soft touch coated FUJI reel seats mean Curado rods are loaded with high-end features for high-end performance.

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  11. Shimano Curado CDC75H 7'5'' Heavy Frog Casting Rod

    Is there a more fun way than to catch them, than on frogs? From early spring to late fall, there is no better feeling than telling your buddies at weigh-in that you whacked them on a frog! This 7'5 H is long and limber enough to throw a mile and powerful enough to get that fish out of the junk.

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  12. St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rods

    Starting at: $280.00

    Legend Tournament® Bass rods have been refined to include a new guide train, improved reel seats and split-grip cork handles. The series has also been expanded to 9 spinning models, including new 8’+ sticks leading the way in long-rod performance.

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  13. St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods

    Starting at: $130.00

    Following a complete redesign in 2016, these technique-specific bass rods now feature advanced SCIII graphite and IPC® tooling technology for stunning performance at an unbelievable value.

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  14. W&M Skeet Micro Honeycomb 7' 2" Frog Casting Rod - WMSRFROG72C1
  15. Daiwa Zillion Frog Rod 7'4" ZIL741HFB

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    Special Price $161.97

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  16. Daiwa Zillion 7'11" X-Heavy Frog Rod ZIL7111XHXB

    Regular Price: $279.95

    Special Price $167.97

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  17. Denali Rosewood 6'10" Heavy Frog Rod R824FG

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