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Gunnison - G. Loomis Salmon Rods - Supreme XT

Gunnison - G. Loomis Salmon Rods - Supreme XT

Mooching is a style of fishing done from a boat by slowly trolling or drifting with the wind or tide. You need a rod that is powerful to fight big fish, yet soft enough to fish the bait properly. The technique works in tidewater as well as the open ocean.

G. Loomis Salmon Rods feature a moderate action with a soft, yet sneaky powerful flex so the fish will hang on to the bait a little longer at which point you set the hook and hang on a lot longer! Our standard mooching rod is 9-feet long, but when you start putting out multiple rigs to make your run, longer rods allow you to spread out your lines and avoid tangles. You're going to get them anyway, the fish will see to that, but at least you'll feel more confident if you can keep things spread out a bit before the chaos starts.

Sensitivity isn't a priority for mooching since you use a rod holder, but G. Loomis Salmon Rods can be used for drift fishing in the rivers where sensitivity is important and especially when you need more power for deep, swift current and big fish. GL2 material allows us to make them light yet durable, a real bonus when things get hectic and you start yanking on some of those feisty silvers or a big king.

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    Steelhead anglers on the tributary rivers and stream of the Great Lakes have been fishing with floats for a number of years. It's kind of like fishing for bluegill with a bobber and bait, but the current can be a lot swifter, the fish a lot bigger and the anglers a little older (at least chronologically). These rods are long for good reason. You need to be able to mend your line so you can maintain a drag-free drift and cover as much water as you can, plus when you lift the tip to set the hook, you can move a lot of line which is especially important when the floats are set deep or you’re at the end of a long, extended drift. The extra length also helps protect lighter line, especially considering the size of the fish.

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