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  1. G. Loomis E6X 2019 Salmon Casting Rods

    Starting at: $299.99

    E6X Salmon Series rods from G. Loomis - newly-designed for 2019 in models for any waters fished or any technique used. With MultiTaper Technology to keep the rods light, but with the power to fish heavier current an all water depths, they continue to provide both performance and value. All 11 rods offered have a sleek, buff blank finish, and feature graphite rear and front grips.  E6X from G. Loomis. FEEL CONNECTED.
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  2. G. Loomis Float Spinning Rods

    Starting at: $345.00

    Steelhead anglers on the tributary rivers and stream of the Great Lakes have been fishing with floats for a number of years. It's kind of like fishing for bluegill with a bobber and bait, but the current can be a lot swifter, the fish a lot bigger and the anglers a little older (at least chronologically). These rods are long for good reason. You need to be able to mend your line so you can maintain a drag-free drift and cover as much water as you can, plus when you lift the tip to set the hook, you can move a lot of line which is especially important when the floats are set deep or you’re at the end of a long, extended drift. The extra length also helps protect lighter line, especially considering the size of the fish.

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  3. G. Loomis IMX Salmon Trolling Rods

    Starting at: $395.00

    Whether you're trolling, drifting with the tide or motor mooching, you need a rod with a butt-section powerful enough to help you control a large salmon, but soft enough in the upper half of the blank to allow the fish to "mouth" the bait until they are ready to eat it. The strike is very visual and can be difficult to figure out at times. The best bet is to let the salmon strike, mouth the bait and then let him take it. Sometimes, the fish pull the rod tip all the way into the water, other times all you get is slack, but it really doesn't matter... just grab the rod and hang on. Do you really need a rod that's incredibly light and sensitive when it may only be fished from a rod holder? Not really, but when you fight fish all day long you'll really appreciate the light weight and power that IMX delivers. It puts you in total control and takes all the work out of it.

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  4. G. Loomis Salmon Casting Rods

    Starting at: $295.00

    Whether you're back bouncing, mooching, back-trolling, plugging, using spinners, or dropping one of these specialty rods will help you get fish in the boat. G. Loomis Salmon Casting Rods have unique actions and rod designs made to give you the optimum advantage. Techniques vary from region to region, waterway to waterway. There are lots of techniques that on any given day will produce fish. G. Loomis Salmon Salmon Casting Rods are available in 10 different models that can accommodate almost any technique and any size fish. Every rod is built with premium components and includes the G. Loomis Limited Lifetime Warranty. Every rod is Made in the USA.

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  5. G. Loomis Salmon Float Spinning Fishing Rod STFR1262

    G. Loomis Salmon Float Spinning Fishing Rod STFR1262 is designed to fish small to mid-sized rivers where shoreline cover is an issue or it has a lot of twists and turns where you don' t necessarily need to extend your drifts very far. It will handle larger water and big fish when necessary, but for the most part, it' s designed to fish smaller rivers in close quarters.

    STFR1262 Handle

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  6. G. Loomis Salmon Mooching Fishing Rod SAMR1265C

    G. Loomis Salmon Mooching Fishing Rod SAMR1265C is a longer, more powerful mooching rod designed for king salmon. It allows you to spread out lines to fish multiple set-ups without outriggers or downriggers and it will allow you to use even longer leaders if necessary. like all G. Loomis mooching rods, the lure ratings on this rod reflects an effective range for trolling or mooching. It will handle about half of that weight for overhand casting..

    SAMR 1265C Handle

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  7. G. Loomis Salmon Spinning Fishing Rod SAR1024S

    G. Loomis Salmon Spinning Fishing Rod SAR1024S is a powerful spinning rod designed for drifting bait or bait imitators as well as casting spoons and spinners in rivers for Chinook salmon. It is surprisingly light, yet features magnum power to manage big fish. The tip is very sensitive, allowing you to feel that subtle take that makes catching salmon in the rivers a difficult proposition at times.

    SAR1024S Handle

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  8. G. Loomis Salmon Spinning Fishing Rod SAR1084S

    G. Loomis Salmon Spinning Fishing Rod SAR1084S is our standard mooching rod, but in spinning configuration for those who prefer not to use a casting reel. It' s designed to fish cut-bait, flashers or lures in the ocean. When mooching or trolling it will handle up to 6-ounces, but will cast only a couple of ounces effectively. Drift fishermen can use it in the river for casting or plunking. You can throw heavy spoons and spinners as well using this rod. It will handle even the largest of the salmon species, right along with silvers, chums and pinks, no problem!

    SAR1084S Handle

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  9. G. Loomis Salmon Spinning Rods

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