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As bass anglers are becoming more and more specialized in their sport, it makes sense to have a rod designed for each type of lure or technique. G. Loomis Spinnerbait Casting Rods are designed specifically to fish spinnerbaits. They feature extra-fast tips to help improve accuracy and lower the trajectory on your casts. That means the wind has less effect on your bait. These rods load effortlessly, allowing quick underhand snap casts so you can cover a lot of water. G. Loomis Spinnerbait Casting Rods give you lots of power in the butt-section thanks to their extra-fast action. The combination of accuracy and control embellished by the ability to control fish of any size in heavy cover give you an added advantage when you really need it. These G. Loomis spinnerbait rods are built on G. Loomis’ “fiber blend” blanks using premium components such as Fuji guides, Fuji’s ECS “exposed blank” trigger reel seat, and premium “A” grade cork in the handles. Each rod is Made in the USA. G. Loomis Limited Lifetime Warranty also included with each rod.

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