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Spro Flappin Frog 65

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Spro Flappin Frog 65

SPECIFICATIONS – Length: 2.50" | Weight: 5/8oz. | Hooks: 4/0 Gamakatsu Nano-Coated Superline Double Frog Hook

SPRO® engineers worked diligently to create the new Flappin Frog, extending the company’s footprint in the world of topwaters with a frog meant to be buzzed. The skirted legs have been replaced by paddle tailed appendages that can be buzzed across the surface or retrieved in a stop and go pattern. They’re deadly over thick cover and in open water alike. The frog is made of elastomer material, which makes it float and stretch. They’re deadly over thick cover and in open water alike.

As with the other SPRO frogs, a key part of the Flappin’ Frog’s effectiveness is that it’s built around a Gamakatsu Nano-Coated Superline Double Frog Hook gives a weedless presentation as well as increases hookup percentage without risk of bending out. The frog’s body is built of a floating elastomer material, so when a fish strikes half-heartedly or misses the lure, you can stop it in its tracks and tempt it to come back.

The Flappin’ Frog makes a ruckus, whether retrieved at rocket speed, or slowly walked back. The legs kick and buzz with only the slightest forward movement, and savvy anglers can mix up their retrieves until they find out what bass want on a particular day.

More Information
Manufacturer SPRO
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Series Flappin Frog
Lure Type Frogs
Lure Weight 5/8 oz.
Length 2.5"
Hook Size 4/0
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