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Sunline FX2 Braid 60 lb x 300 yd Dark Green

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This braid is simply awesome! It's so limp that you won't believe it's a braided line. Pull 6" off the spool and the line drops, even more than mono. It's so darn soft feeling that you'll swear it could easily pull in two. Good luck with that! This line is STRONG! There are two different colors, Dark Green and a combo of Dark Green and Blue (alternating about every 8"). Each color comes in 50 lb, 60 lb, and 80 lb test. 50 lb and 60 lb test come in spools of 125 yards and 300 yards; 80 lb test comes in spools of 90 yards and 230 yards. Each spool comes in a really neat plastic case that makes spooling a reel a snap. Best yet, there are "master packs" of 6 spool per size/length that fit so very nicely in your tackle box. Now this new line is more expensive than other braids, but we can assure you it is SO worth the price. Try it, you'll LOVE it! When tested by some pros earlier this year here's what they said: "Got a chance to spend some hours with the braid and all I can say is WOW. The thing that impressed me most was that on a freezing cold morning there was almost no water carried by the line to the reel. On another rod, with 'Brand X', I had ice forming on the line guide of the reel within just a few minutes. The castability is excellent and I would attribute this to how the line lays on the spool and remains more round than other braids." This line was designed for flipping and pitching, but our take is this stuff will be awesome in any application where you use other braids. Sunline FX2 Braid was designed to the exacting standards of BASS Elite Series pros Dean Rojas. FX2 Braid is offered in 3 specific sizes targeted for bass fishing. These pros sought out the #1 Japanese line manufacturer to collaborate on the ultimate braid in the industry. Sunline FX2 Braid starts with an 8-strand polyethylene/polyethylene terphthalate construction bringing perfect round uniformity to the line. This results in a slick surfaced line that casts great distances, glides easily thru rod guides and won't dig into the reel spool when battling fish. The 8 strand design creates a super-strong, abrasion resistant line with extremely low stretch and virtually zero memory. If you are looking for the best bass fishing line available look no further than Sunline FX2 Braid! Colors: Dark Green and Dark Green/Blue." * 8 strand construction * Circular shape * Extremely abrasion resistant * Slick surface for smooth casts * Great strike sensitivity * Excellent knot performance * Smaller line diameters than other braids. 50# = .0118 in., 65# = .014 in, and 80# = .017
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Price 41.99
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Series FX2
Line Type Braid
Spool Size 300 Yards
Colors Dark Green
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