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Sunline Saltwater Siglon F 15 lb x 330 yd Pink

Sunline Saltwater Siglon F 15 lb x 330 yd Pink

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Dependable Siglon resin processing in a fluorescent line!

  • Unique resin reinforcement process for a moisture-proof, curl-free, strong, and shock-resistant line.
  • The spaces between the nylon molecules are filled with resin.
  • A special technique also prevents the fluorescent color from fading.
  • UV resistant processing to maintain strength and flexibility over prolonged and repeated use.



    • High sensitivity
    • No water absorption
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • length:330 Yards
    • Weight:15 lb
    • line Color:Fluorescent Pink
    • line Diameter .330

    You are about to Buy the WORLD'S BEST FISHING LINE!


Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sunline
Price $15.99
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Series Siglon F
Line Type Monofilament
Spool Size 330 Yards
Color Pink

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