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Sunline Saltwater System Shock Leader 25 lb x 55 yd

Sunline Saltwater System Shock Leader 25 lb x 55 yd

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Tenacious shock leader to get the big game

  • Special copolymer alloy nylon blend manufacturing process for low water absorptions, high strength, and high abrasion resistance.
  • Our unique TRP processing for a water repellent, slick, supple, highly manageable leader which enhances the perfection of your knot systems.
  • Precision engineered with balanced strength and stretch for maximum delivery of tensile energy.
  • Supple, with just the right amount of characteristic stretch that presents your jig and lure exactly as you work them, yet absorbs the shock and hangs on with high tenacity when the hook is set in the bing one.
  • Remains manageable even under low water and air temperature conditions for year-round action.


    • High sensitivity
    • lowwater absorption
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • length:55 Yards
    • Weight:25 lb
    • line Color:Natural Clear
    • line Diameter .405

  • You are about to Buy the WORlD'S BEST FISHING lINE!

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    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Sunline
    Price $19.99
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    Line Type Fluorocarbon
    Spool Size 55 Yards
    Color Clear

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