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Sunline Shooter 12 lb x 77 yd Metan Invisible

Sunline Shooter 12 lb x 77 yd Metan Invisible

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Still using Stren, Triline, Seaguar, Maxima, or Berkley monofilament lines? Just as Megabass and Lucky Craft have set the standard for lures and soft baits, Sunline from Japan has done the same for the new age of fishing line. Got a great rod and reel? Why compromise that outfit with a line not up to the task?

Sunline products are truly the "Next Generation" in fishing line. The problems associated with first generation line has been address and solved! Everyone on our staff was so impressed with the Sunline Products that we decided our customers needed and deserved this wonderful, premium line. Try this Super Quality line to see just what you have been missing. Made in Japan

Sunline Shooter Defier is a World Class Super Monofilament line designed for hard bait fishing offering maximum length casts with great accuracy. PROFESSIONAL GRADE LINE for all of us is here!


  • Excellent castability and zero memory for easy handling.
  • lets you cast shallow crank baits, poppers, and other small, lightweight lures effortlessly at long distances.
  • Friction has been minimized to the limit for long distance casting performance.
  • Exceptional improvement in abrasion resistance and knot strength make this line virtually impervious to rocks and roots.
  • Pound-weight-specific line designed for better castability, manageability, and line organization.
  • Colored in Stealth Dark Green for excellent camoflage
Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sunline
Color Camo
Price $28.99
Shop By Fishing Line
Series Shooter Metan Invisible
Line Type Fluorocarbon
Spool Size 77 Yards
Color Invisible

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

I would reccommend for fishing gin clear low water, especially steelhead!
Generally I fish Maxima leader in 6-12# range. Have never had any real issues except for line diameter. Metan alleviates the diameter issue but is also very lo-vis. This works great when seeking out wary steelhead in the low clear waters of winter! If you regularly fish 10# leader for fish 12lbs or greater, just a good guess would work here, move up to 12lb test. I have broke off many a fine big fish that normally I would have landed with Maxima Ultragreen, same pound test. That goes with all the flouro's lb tests. Flouro has always had this problem for me, appears to be a bit brittle is the word I want to use compared to other mono's. Still, I cannot deny that I have hooked up more using Sunline's Metan! Happy fishing folks!
Overall Rating
Review by Toes / (Posted on 11/6/2011)

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