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Swhacker Rep Blades 100Gr 2In 6/Pk

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Swhacker Rep Blades 100Gr 2In 6/Pk SWH00208

"Opens so can hear the Swhack!" 100 Grain Broadhead Replacement Blade



  • 1" in flight >>> 2" after penetration
  • .032" thick, stainless steel, honed razor sharp
  • Set of 6 Blades

How to install replacement blades:
Insert blades into the slot of the ferrule (the arrow head). Secure in place with the setscrew. Ensure that the blades rotate freely from open to closed.

How to install shrink tubing:
Place a single band over the tip with the blades fully enclosed in the slot. Slide the band down the ferrule until it is in the slot. Slide the band down the ferrule until it is in the retaining groove. The blades may move slightly. If the band does not stay in the retaining groove, use a heat source such as a pocket lighter or a hair dryer to shrink the band down. Care should be taken to not overheat the band.

CAUTION: This product is EXTREMELY sharp. Serious injury can occur if handled improperly. Please follow the instructions carefully.


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Manufacturer Swhacker
Price $16.99
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