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TUF-Line Tournament 8 65lb x 150yd Green

TUF-Line Tournament 8 65lb x 150yd Green

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Mono Equivalent: 15lb
Break Strength: 76lbs


TUF-Line Tournament 8 65lb x 150yd Green

Tournament 8 braided Spectra® fiber line advances TUF-Line’s technique-specific selection of braided lines that offers anglers the very best combination of strength and handling characteristics for every fishing application.

Tournament 8 is an eight-carrier braid, utilizing eight fiber bundles in the completed line rather than the more common four- or six-carrier construction. Producing the line from an increased number of smaller diameter micro-filaments, Tournament 8 delivers an incredibly smooth exterior finish, exceptional inherent body and supremely round profile. The line casts and handles effortlessly.

Nano coating technology further refines Tournament 8 performance by creating a bond of nano particles resulting in a microscopic hydrophobic barrier. This barrier creates an ultra-smooth and highly durable finish. The coating reduces friction increases casting distance and greatly extends the longevity of Tournament 8’s working life.

Tournament 8 is recommended for active cast-and-retrieve anglers as well as saltwater live bait anglers that commonly maintain finger contact with their line.

Product Specs

Additional Information

Manufacturer Western Filament
Color Green
Price $20.99
Series XP
Line Type Braid
Spool Size 150 Yards
Color Green

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